GTS Technology Solutions


The face of technology has changed for IT leaders in education. Declining funding conflicts with your need to continue delivering the services that support institutional goals. Keeping ahead of new demands is also imperative, while ensuring that systems are running securely is vital.

That’s why schools, libraries and learning centers look to GTS to help them cut costs, not services, and stay ahead of the curve in an increasingly technologically complex environment.

GTS brings together the technology and services to create the ultimate digital collaborative environment.

Virtualization Services

Virtualize hardware and software to provide ease of management and automation of application deployment

Content Delivery

Ensure that digital content can be accessed from anywhere and from any type of device

Google Integration

White glove services, training and Google Education console setup

Mobile Device Management

Allow students, faculty and administrators to use their mobile devices without breaking compliance or losing data

Asset Management

Asset tagging and management solutions to optimize expenses and enhance security

Network Management

Rearchitect your current network, build a new one and/or remotely manage your LAN, WAN and wireless networks