GTS Technology Solutions


State and Local government agencies are being expected to provide consistently greater transparency, at consistently higher levels of data security. With funding lower and budget scrutiny higher, it’s a trying time for government IT.

That’s where GTS comes in. GTS has been helping government agencies find new ways to cut costs, drive out complexity and improve efficiencies since 1984. Bundling hardware, software, and services options, GTS brings together the right mix to create the ultimate technology solution for your government agency.

DIR Partner

GTS owns several DIR contracts, and is listed on numerous others.  We work with DIR on a regular basis to ensure that we are always providing our customers the best available pricing and service.  Read more about our DIR contracts.

State Government Solutions

GTS has worked with government agencies
 since 1984. We’ve been in the trenches with IT professionals as costs have increased and budgets have decreased; helping them bundle the right hardware, software and services into the perfect solution to gain efficiencies across all departments. With technology becoming more complex than ever, GTS can help you determine which options are needed to ensure your IT environment performs at its most effective.

Local Government Solutions

GTS works with local government agencies of all sizes to implement technology solutions that will result in increased productivity for government staff, enhanced infrastructure, and lower total cost of ownership for the entire organization. In turn, the citizens of your municipality will realize the efficiencies of a turnkey technology solution that has been created with their objectives in mind.