GTS Technology Solutions

Rugged Mobility

Emergency responders and public safety officials need to act NOW, and it’s critical that they have the right technology at their fingertips. Mobilized, efficient and effective – their technology solutions have to withstand the elements, including extreme heat and cold, liquid spills, 6-foot drops, and anything else that’s thrown at it. GTS can help you make the correct decisions to empower your team while keeping your costs down and optimizing your resources intelligently.

GTS Rugged Devices by the Numbers

  • 10,000+ vehicles in North America have rugged technology solutions installed by GTS
  • 20,000+ first responders use GTS technology solutions every day
  • 10 of the country’s top 25 law enforcement agencies use GTS rugged device solutions

Benefits of Rugged Computers

It’s simple – laptops are designed for the office; rugged devices are designed for the field.  With all the functionality of a PC, rugged devices are:

  • Lower TCO: needing less support, management and logistics
  • Ultra-durable: standing up to extreme abuse, including 6-foot drops, liquid spills and extreme heat and cold
  • Secure and connected: with enterprise-class security
  • Accessorized: with printers, scanners, GPS, radios, cases, cameras…the list goes on and on.